• Place your machinery order early.

    The bright economic outlook is prompting many farmers to check out their local machinery dealerships. They're finding bare lots. Even with […]

  • Aerial Spraying.

    Aerial spraying has its advantages and independent surveys indicate that this method saves money through gains in yield and less crop […]

  • Pull-types offer a lower-cost sprayer alternative.

    Purchase price was the main reason Larry Blaney decided to buy a new suspended-boom pull-type sprayer for the 2008 season. Until […]

  • GPS goes universal.

    The Global Positioning System (GPS) owned by the U.S. Department of Defense is made up of 24 satellites that circle the […]

  • Personal interaction trumps Internet.

    These days, the first place many people go to get ag-related information is the Internet. Even so, is it possible that […]

  • GPS has a fit on small farms too.

    Can a small farming operation benefit from GPS technology? With phosphate fertilizer hovering around the $1,200 per tonne mark it reached […]

  • Aerial photos enhance GIS data

    Thirty-four years ago, when Jack McKinnon launched Prairie Agri Photo of Carman, MB, infrared technology gave farmers their first bird’s-eye view […]

  • Internet: speed matters!

    Dial-up Internet service is going the way of the dinosaur as western Canadian farmers are quick to sign up for high-speed […]

  • Look south for used equipment.

    With supplies of new grain-sector equipment tight, demand for good used items has risen as well. Getting immediate delivery of a […]

  • Head off the spread of Ug99.

    Ug99 is a virulent race of wheat stem rust first discovered in Uganda in 1999. It has spread throughout East Africa […]

  • Manual calibration still a necessity.

    With variable-rate flow controllers becoming commonplace on farm field sprayers, some operators no longer bother going through the process of manually […]

  • High-speed hits the farm belt.

    High-speed Internet access in rural areas was, until a few years ago, a wish unlikely to be answered. But today that […]

  • Surf the net for ag information.

    Farmers today have access to a seemingly endless supply of information via the Internet. But there is such a thing as […]

  • Basic systems access GPS technology at low cost.

    If you’ve yet to take the plunge into GPS (global positioning system) guidance equipment, your head is likely spinning a little […]