• Controlled traffic farming gains ground.

    Controlled traffic farming (CTF) — the establishment of permanent traffic lanes for farm machinery to reduce compaction of crops — is […]

  • Set up your cab for surround sound.

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  • No shortage of forage equipment.

    While sales of tractors and equipment used for grain production have soared, the machinery most commonly used by livestock producers has […]

  • High-yield canola is all in the details.

    Through good years and bad, the overall average canola yield across the prairies has shown steady, but not dramatic, improvement. While […]

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  • Pay more, get more.

    Wondering which guidance system is right for you? Here are some tips from John Deere and Hemisphere GPS, makers of Outback […]

  • Canola genome explained.

    The genome is built from DNA that carries, for example, the genetic information necessary for a canola seed to grow, flower, […]

  • Personalize your weather report.

    With a new baler in his shed, Doyle Wiebe was looking for the right time to bring it into the field. […]

  • Field smarts trump satellite data.

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  • Producers line up to buy condo storage.

    Hauling grain directly from combine to terminal is a potential money-saver. But even when that’s possible, producers have to settle for […]

  • Why hybrid vigor is a one-time event.

    With open-pollinated canola, growers have the option of holding back some seed to plant the following year. This leaves a little […]

  • New fungicide improves disease protection.

    Thanks to a new fungicide from Bayer CropScience, wheat growers will have another option for combating fusarium head blight (FHB) in […]

  • Air-induced nozzles offer versatility.

    Regardless of whether you run a self-propelled sprayer or pull-type, you still have to pick the correct nozzles for the job […]

  • Canola traits growers want.

    But with canola now vying with wheat as Canada’s most valuable field crop, and demand for canola seed anticipated to grow […]

  • An education in weather.

    When bad weather moves into a prairie community, it can come fast and furious. A particularly intense thunderstorm that crossed southern […]