• Anti-drift device waits in the wings

    Natural Resources Canada has developed a low-drift pesticide atomizer concept that showed promising early results. Unfortunately, it has yet to be […]

  • New technology improves sprayer precision

    Any problem can be solved in many different ways. In trying to make the perfect sprayer nozzle, manufacturers have come up […]

  • New nozzles combine effectiveness with low drift

    If you ask Dave Van Segbrook what kind of nozzle he uses on his vegetable crops, he’ll pull out a catalogue […]

  • Pesticide registration provides peace of mind

    Before you put money into a costly pesticide, you need to know it won’t harm those who apply it or eat […]

  • Herbicides need help

    Many growers think the road to better weed control begins with improved herbicides. But herbicides can’t work their wonders alone. Start […]

  • Aerial photos enhance GIS data

    Thirty-four years ago, when Jack McKinnon launched Prairie Agri Photo of Carman, MB, infrared technology gave farmers their first bird’s-eye view […]

  • In support of winter cereals.

    Two million acres of winter cereals routinely grown across the prairies is the goal of the Winter Cereal Sustainability in Action […]

  • Internet: speed matters!

    Dial-up Internet service is going the way of the dinosaur as western Canadian farmers are quick to sign up for high-speed […]

  • Transmission boosts hiring options.

    The current labour shortage means farmers may have a tough time finding employees with farm equipment experience. So machinery that's as […]

  • Look south for used equipment.

    With supplies of new grain-sector equipment tight, demand for good used items has risen as well. Getting immediate delivery of a […]

  • Controlled traffic farming gains ground.

    Controlled traffic farming (CTF) — the establishment of permanent traffic lanes for farm machinery to reduce compaction of crops — is […]

  • The crop that winter grew.

    If you’re going to be successful growing winter wheat on the priaires you’ll have to take to heart the old adage […]

  • Set up your cab for surround sound.

    GPS and auto steer may be grabbing farm-tech headlines but in-cab entertainment is also raising eyebrows among farmers looking for something […]

  • Retired highway tractors fill farm needs.

    Growing numbers of farmers are opting for used tandem trucks to replace older, smaller units, but finding enough tandems to meet […]

  • No shortage of forage equipment.

    While sales of tractors and equipment used for grain production have soared, the machinery most commonly used by livestock producers has […]