• An education in weather.

    When bad weather moves into a prairie community, it can come fast and furious. A particularly intense thunderstorm that crossed southern […]

  • GPS add ons tackle precision envy.

    GPS-capable add-ons are the high-tech version of haywire and binder twine because they let you upgrade farm machines without forcing you […]

  • Put grain carts to work in the spring.

    As western grain growers integrate grain carts into their harvest operations and see efficiency gains, some think that’s only the tip […]

  • 100-bushel canola? Stay tuned.

    As much as yields have improved thanks to hybrids, canola still isn’t the poster-crop for genetic improvement. That’s corn. Dave Charne, […]

  • Wet season rewards fungicide applications.

    For the entire 2010 growing season, the prairie farm belt was lush and green. Too lush and too green. Many areas […]

  • Farmers see super-B as new must-have truck.

    No one involved in agriculture these days should be surprised that the size of farm machinery grows continuously. That trend has […]

  • Geneticists crack the canola genome.

    Bayer CropScience has sequenced the entire genome of Brassica napus, the rapeseed/canola species that makes up about 95 per cent of […]

  • Wheat midge forecasts gain accuracy.

    As forecasters predicted, the wheat midge outbreak on the prairies this past growing season was one of the worst in recent […]

  • He lives the dream.

    You’ve heard the expression, “like a kid in a candy shop.” Well, that’s Steve Larocque in a wheat field, or canola […]

  • Find the right tractor for your grain cart.

    You need a lot of power to move high-capacity grain carts across fields, and a sizeable tractor to stop them safely. […]

  • Does straight-cutting suit hybrids?

    You've done everything right with your 2008 hybrid canola. Now it's time to get it in the bin. First, though, a […]

  • Breeders target better winter wheats.

    Winter wheat is becoming more popular across the prairies, but growers are limited to a handful of successful varieties to choose […]

  • Sleeper bunks raise conversion costs.

    Are you looking to pick up a tandem-axle grain truck at a bargain price? Then converting a highway tractor for farm […]

  • Grain bins go high volume.

    Farmers are thinking big when investing in grain storage facilities. But while big bins make economic sense, the investment seldom stops […]

  • Applied weather Information.

    Farmers across the prairies have to check several sources for the latest weather, agronomic and commodity information. Bayer CropScience is bringing […]