• Fusarium-damaged kernels don’t make the grade

    Last year’s weather was ideal for the spread of fusarium head blight (FHB) across the prairies. As growers delivered their damaged […]

  • Corn yields reach for the clouds

    One hundred years ago the average corn yield in Ontario was way down in the double digits; peanuts compared to today’s […]

  • Wet land versus wetlands

    There is wet land, and then there are wetlands. And if Ducks Unlimited could have its druthers, farmers would leave natural […]

  • Water Water Everywhere

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    Like most corn growers, Mark Brock thinks a lot about ways to improve his yield. What makes him stand out, though, […]

  • Ride the yield wave

    If the prairies are Canada’s bread basket, then Ontario must be our corn crib. With more than two million acres of […]

  • Growers reap benefits of seed treatment.

    While numbers vary due to crop type, environmental conditions, pest pressure and product used, crop protection industry representatives commonly claim an […]

  • Summerfallow bows out.

    Farmland under summerfallow continues to decline—to fewer than six million acres last year compared to nearly 20 million in 1991. And […]

  • Canola pushes wheat off its throne.

    The gold band along the bottom of Saskatchewan’s provincial flag represents the vast wheat fields that once dominated the south half […]

  • Put a cocktail in your tank.

    That's an order, not an invitation. After years of talk, it's action time. Government mandates are forcing fuel manufacturers to blend […]

  • Soil test your wet fields.

    Many farmers who endured wet conditions through the 2010 growing season are left with nutrient-poor soil, says Dr. Jeff Schoenau, a […]

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    Getting a great canola crop off the field is just the first step in making a decent profit. The second is […]

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