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  • Tweets, tags and walls: 4-H in the 21st century

    Social media isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think 4-H. “People have said to us, ‘You should […]

  • Check well water health with a TC test

    After such a wet spring, especially in flood-stricken Manitoba, many farmers are concerned about the safety of their well water. They’re […]

  • OYF winners use social media to build business

    Knowing how to market your business is key for any entrepreneur. And for Kevin and Annamarie Klippenstein, combining new marketing tools […]

  • Tragedy had a silver lining for these Outstanding Young Farmers

    Outstanding young farmers are not born: they are made, shaped by their own ideas, experiences, talents and hard work. Jean-Francois Lemieux […]

  • How does your tomato grow?

    One reason for growing heirloom tomatoes is simply that they are among the most interesting plants in the garden. Tanya Stefanec […]

  • Homeschooling goes mainstream.

    There is a movement some dub the Homeschooling Renaissance. It's happening in the city and in the country worldwide. In North […]

  • 'Green' and growth go hand in hand.

    Farmers were "green" long before the word took on its current significance. By its very nature, farming has to be sustainable. […]

  • In search of excellence.

    Winners of the Outstanding Young Farmers' (OYF) competition are a testament to the perseverance, ingenuity and commitment to community inherent in […]

  • Broaden your farm horizons through travel.

    As the mercury dips and snow blankets the prairie landscape, visions of sandy beaches and warm evenings take hold. A winter […]

  • Farming outside the box.

    From the beginning, Norman and Laura Shoemaker set out to create a profitable business with extremely limited capital. In little more […]

  • Protect your online identity.

    Paying for purchases online without any face-to-face interaction can leave the uninitiated feeling a bit insecure. But with proper precautions, shopping […]

  • Winners work outside the box.

    ATLANTIC CANADA John and Clair Green Springfield, P.E.I. Although they started their farming careers 3,000 miles apart-John in West Yorkshire, England […]

  • Plan your vacation online.

    Entering a search for vacation travel into your Internet browser brings up an abundance of riches. With so many operators, hotels […]

  • Provinces set homeschooling rules.

    Education is a provincial responsibility, so legislated mandates for homeschoolers vary province by province. The differences can be significant. Here's a […]

  • Farm auctions go global.

    You can still find plenty of conventional farm auctions to attend, but these days buyers and sellers are not limited by […]