Winter 2013 issue

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    • Survey hopes to map wireworm populations

      “Know your enemy” is a vital battle strategy. Dr. Bob Vernon, a research scientist with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), has […]

    • Wheat yields get set for take off

      Wheat growers today can achieve yields their parents never dreamed of. But what lies ahead for the next generation of grain […]

    • War on wireworms heats up

      An old gang of thieves is wreaking havoc on cereal crops across the prairies. These culprits do their work underground, robbing […]

    • Wheat breeding goes global

      With a firm focus on ensuring sustainable wheat production, Bayer CropScience has made significant investment and partnered with leading organizations around […]

    • How to make and use bait balls

      One way to test for the presence of wireworms in a field is with bait balls. To make them, mix oatmeal […]

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    • Farm on the go

      Visit Andrew Campbell’s website and the first thing you see is picture of a farmer — a bit of a silver […]

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