Fall 2011 issue

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  • Business

    • Ag retailer’s guiding principles generate growth

      It’s easy for a company to say what it stands for. It’s another thing to live by those words. For Martin […]

    • Assess 2011 results as you plan 2012

      Whew! What a year! It started wet and stayed that way across much of the prairies, leaving an unprecedented number of […]

    • Make mine liquid

      Richard Pelchat has tried it all. An experienced grain grower with 2,000 acres of farmland, he knows that to get the […]

    • Soup’s on

      There’s one thing Rhoda Taylor learned as the cook at Cavalier Agrow’s Meota cookhouse — 
never scrimp on quantity. “You don’t […]

  • Farm Life

  • Production

  • Technology

    • Learn to weld well

      Fortunately, there is no lack of training opportunities for farmers looking to gain or improve welding skills. The first place to […]

    • Teach yourself to be a better welder

      There is a perception among farmers that anyone who farms can weld. That’s like claiming anyone who can pick up a […]