• Wheat midge forecasts gain accuracy.

    As forecasters predicted, the wheat midge outbreak on the prairies this past growing season was one of the worst in recent […]

  • He lives the dream.

    You’ve heard the expression, “like a kid in a candy shop.” Well, that’s Steve Larocque in a wheat field, or canola […]

  • Find the right tractor for your grain cart.

    You need a lot of power to move high-capacity grain carts across fields, and a sizeable tractor to stop them safely. […]

  • Does straight-cutting suit hybrids?

    You've done everything right with your 2008 hybrid canola. Now it's time to get it in the bin. First, though, a […]

  • Breeders target better winter wheats.

    Winter wheat is becoming more popular across the prairies, but growers are limited to a handful of successful varieties to choose […]

  • Sleeper bunks raise conversion costs.

    Are you looking to pick up a tandem-axle grain truck at a bargain price? Then converting a highway tractor for farm […]

  • Grain bins go high volume.

    Farmers are thinking big when investing in grain storage facilities. But while big bins make economic sense, the investment seldom stops […]

  • Applied weather Information.

    Farmers across the prairies have to check several sources for the latest weather, agronomic and commodity information. Bayer CropScience is bringing […]

  • IPCPs fill demand for special wheats.

    Marketing non-registered varieties of hard red spring wheat is possible, and often profitable, through arrangements such as Identity Preserved Contract Program […]

  • Grain baggers offer storage flexibility.

    Of the all the temporary grain storage options available, a bagger may be the handiest of all, at least according to […]

  • Demographics and environment trump GMO politics.

    Will Europe eventually overcome its long-standing reluctance to accept transgenic crop varieties (more commonly called genetically modified organisms or GMOs)? It's […]

  • In support of winter cereals.

    Two million acres of winter cereals routinely grown across the prairies is the goal of the Winter Cereal Sustainability in Action […]

  • Transmission boosts hiring options.

    The current labour shortage means farmers may have a tough time finding employees with farm equipment experience. So machinery that's as […]

  • Grain dryers add harvest flexibility.

    If you don’t have easy access to commercial grain drying services, the alternative is to dry your grain on-farm. The many […]

  • Leave fuel in your tank.

    Although fuel-economy sales pitches dominate the automotive industry — and have for some time — it was actually farm machinery manufacturers […]