• Winter wheats play provincial favourites.

    What makes a winter wheat variety successful in one prairie province does not necessarily mean it will do well in another. […]

  • Growers reap benefits of seed treatment.

    While numbers vary due to crop type, environmental conditions, pest pressure and product used, crop protection industry representatives commonly claim an […]

  • CWRS still king.

    While other wheat classes are definitely up-and-coming, Canada Western Red Spring (CWRS) remains the dominant wheat grown and milled in Canada. […]

  • Canola pushes wheat off its throne.

    The gold band along the bottom of Saskatchewan’s provincial flag represents the vast wheat fields that once dominated the south half […]

  • High prices boost production.

    Global food stocks are at their lowest in a quarter-century. Food prices have surged dramatically over the past three years. And […]

  • Soil test your wet fields.

    Many farmers who endured wet conditions through the 2010 growing season are left with nutrient-poor soil, says Dr. Jeff Schoenau, a […]

  • Canola is king.

    It wasn’t so long ago that canola was called the “Cinderella” crop, a reference to the rags-to-riches story of plain old […]

  • How herbicides work.

    Today’s wide spectrum of selective herbicides offers farmers many effective and reliable weed-control options. Along with crop rotation and other cultural […]

  • A reputation built on quality.

    Humphreys, with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Winnipeg, works with hard red, hard white and extra strong spring wheat lines, and […]

  • Oilseeds face off over saturated fats.

    Despite a small drop from last year’s record acreage, canola is in no danger of losing its spot as the primary […]

  • Where have all the students gone?

    Agriculture is not immune to the demographic reality: baby boomers are retiring and the 18-year-old segment of society is small and […]

  • Winter wheat needs nitrogen in early spring.

    “Research has shown that nitrogen efficiency on winter wheat is very much geographically based, says Ray Dowbenko, senior specialist, agronomy, with […]

  • What's happening with biodiesel?

    By 2012, according to a Government of Canada mandate, all diesel fuel used in Canada must contain at least 2 per […]