InVigor hybrids earn a marketing premium

Not all canola oil is created equal. And for the commercial vegetable oil market, which has very specific requirements, InVigor Health hybrids fit the bill.

Commercial customers need an oil that can maintain its stability in high heat and serve as an ingredient in other food products, says Blaine Woycheshin, manager, oilseed crops, with Bayer CropScience. “InVigor Health hybrids produce canola oil that is ideal for those applications.”

Bayer currently sells its InVigor L156H hybrid, and next year plans to introduce InVigor L157H in limited quantities to canola growers in Western Canada. Both offer the high oleic acid profile and stability that commercial users require, while providing the yield potential growers expect from the InVigor brand. In internal trials, InVigor L157H has shown a two per cent yield increase over the previous hybrid, and matures a day earlier than InVigor L156H.

The InVigor Health hybrids support a program offered by Cargill Ltd., which crushes and refines the oil for its commercial partners. Growers participating in the program are offered a contract premium to grow these hybrids with a guaranteed market through Cargill.

“Our commercial customers have been switching to high-oleic canola oil as trans fats have virtually disappeared from North American shelves,” says Rick Wiebe, marketing manager, specialty seeds and oils, with Cargill. “While demand for this oil has been steadily increasing, demand from growers for our high-oleic canola contracts has really taken off in the past few years because of the performance of canola hybrids available to growers. Growers demand hybrids that perform consistently on their farms, and the hybrids we have in our program are delivering that.”

“InVigor Health hybrids grow like any other InVigor hybrid, so western Canadian growers are very familiar with the performance they can expect,” says Woycheshin. “However, by signing up with Cargill, they have the security of a contract premium. When Cargill requires a specific oil for its customers, we deliver what they want and what growers need from a genetics perspective.”

“We contract InVigor Health in most areas of the prairies, and even in North Dakota so that we can further diffuse risk and ensure a full supply for our oil customers,” says Wiebe.

Cargill recently completed construction of a new crush plant at Camrose, AB, and added refining capacity to its Clavet, SK plant. The Clavet plant is now Cargill’s first fully integrated canola crushing and refining facility in Canada. Wiebe says the fact that canola production in western Canada starts and finishes in this country is a great sustainability story for Canadians.

“We have more than 200 customers for high-oleic canola oil and that stability is the backbone of our canola oil business,” says Wiebe. “We are continually looking to develop more opportunities for our specialty oils through innovation and transparency in the supply chain from seed development through to the consumer.”

Wiebe says that as markets continue to grow for high-oleic canola oil, Cargill is working with Bayer to develop the next generation of InVigor Health products. “The demand for healthier oils is always increasing, and we continue to develop new technology that meets that demand.” FF